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Industrial dust collection

odpylacz przemysłowy

The NAAR Technik company specializes in industrial dust collectors. We offer the cheapest, the most optimized and energy-saving plants for air protection in the market. The main idea of our operations is air filtration and removal of arduous pollutants in work-places and factories. Pollutants such as dust, hazardous fumes, an excess of process heat or noise has a harmful effect on employees health as well as deteriorating of operating conditions causing a reduction of plant performance.

instalacja odpylania gazów

For the removal of noxious substances from work stations we use point ventilation taking advantage of: local suction hoods, station suction nozzles, exhaust arms, welding exhausts. In the case of the limited possibility of applying local hoods we use zone ventilation of the entire plant, usually called Push-Pull. Captured pollutants are filtered on properly selected filters. Depending on the type of pollution we use: bag filters, cartridge filters, oil mist filters, scrubbers, washers and cyclones.

Odpylanie procesów technologicznych

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Our plants are used in a wide range of different branches of industry such as: metal, foundry, power engineering, food, composite, woodworking, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, military, aircraft, hygiene, the papermaking industry and many others.

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