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Industrial ventilation

Industrial ventilation

NAAR Technik, gaining a multi-year experience in the environment protection and air filtration in production plants as well as in warehouse bays, offers comprehensive and efficient solutions for mechanical ventilation in the industry. Our project is based on the state-of-the-art devices and technologies which give us a possibility to achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest energy-consumption coefficients. We offer comprehensive implementation of the investment, starting from elaboration of an idea, through execution of the ventilation’s design, to implementation of the task and future service.

Zone ventilation

Industrial ventilation in production plants often is endangered by the issues of exceeding of MAC (maximum allowable concentration), high dustiness level, emissions of vapours or gases which are often toxic and chemically aggressive, heat gains, explosion hazard or special hygienic requirements. Industrial ventilation, as distinct from standard comfort ventilation, requires an individual approach to the requirements and specificity of production as well as huge experience in the industrial applications. NAAR Technik, thanks to the experience and implementation of ventilations in production halls and warehouses of different specificity, had elaborated the most economical solutions, dependent on the application.

Zone ventilation for the following sources of emission of dust, fumes, gas vapours and hot air. Air-tight sealing is made in locations where emission are present using: appropriate development, suction nozzles of welding sleeves, processing tables with local hood, direct hoods for tools (grinder hood, hood from welding guns etc.).

Local ventilation

Local ventilation is used in case of the stationary welding and grinding stands, on bonding and welding stands for automatic production lines, in hoppers of belt conveyors in coal conveyors, in power plants during coal and biomass transport, in sugar factories, in steel rolling processes, and wire rod drawing, on loose products packing stands.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery, recuperation allows using heat from air ejected by ventilation system for heating of external air or heating of areas where heat shortages occur. The offered heat recovery systems, recuperators often gives a possibility to heat fresh air to the temperature, when it is not necessary to provide additional heating using e.g. water heater, electric heater or gas burner. Heat recovered from ventilation of some processes can be also used for heating e.g. office or social section of the plant. Expert heat recovery systems allow saving energy, which can quickly depreciate whole investment.

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