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  • Przejrzysta Firma NAAR Technik21.05.2012 - Przejrzysta Firma certificate for NAAR Technik Polska
    We are pleased to inform you that NAAR Technik Polska company was awarded with the prestigious certificate “Przejrzysta Firma” given by Dun & Bradstreet Poland in cooperation with FORBES monthly magazine, KUKE S.A. and Bisone Polska. This certificate evidences of diligence of responsibility to publish financial reports and is a sign of reliability and financial honesty. DUNS number: 366060407 . Numer DUNS: 366060407
  • NAAR Technik Polska spółka komandytowa1.02.2012 - NAAR Technik Polska - transformation
    We kindly inform that on the grounds of the decision of the District Court Katowice - Wschód in Katowice of February 1, 2012 as well as the resolution of the meeting of NAAR Technik limited liability company’s shareholders with the headquarters in Sosnowiec it was transformed into limited partnership operating as the company: NAAR Technik Polska limited liability company limited partnership with the headquarters in Sosnowiec.
    NAAR Technik company is renowned for the modern solutions. Now we also have modern legal form. Limited partnership is safe, flexible, transparent solution which is also business effective and recommended by the practitioners. We hope that thanks to mentioned benefits we will be more and more competitive, enlarging group of our satisfied customers.
  • Czarni Sosnowiec13.12.2011 - Czarni Sosnowiec
    We support young talents from Czarni Sosnowiec, the football club with long-standing tradition. We wish further successes and participation in the Champions League finals ;)
  • Praca w NAAR Technik12.12.2011 - Career in NAAR Technik
    We are looking for the engineers eager to work for NAAR Technik. Details of the offer can be found in tab - Recruitment
  • Filtry EcoLine11.04.2011 - New generation of EcoLine filters
    NAAR Technik introduces a new generation of the extremely popular filters from the EcoLine series, characterized by broad applications possibilities. Filtering dust collectors, often used in dust collecting systems, now have modernized construction with respect to the previous generation of these filters. Also range of executions for adaptation of the devices for successive applications was developed. EcoLine dust collectors can be used for dust collection in: metal processing industry, ceramic and construction industry, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, wood industry, power industry and many other applications. EcoLine dust collectors can be manufactured as filters in explosion-proof executions or from acid-resistant steel for food applications. These dust collectors can be equipped with various types of filter elements, selected for aspiration of dusts of various characteristics.
  • Wentylacja PUSH-PULL25.10.2010 - NAAR Technik Push Pull Eco dust collection
    NAAR Technik had elaborated dust collection system for air intended for use in welding shop, paint shop, grid blasting room as well as stands for processing of large-size elements. Our engineers had optimized, in respect of investment and operation, the dust collection system for air in the commonly used Push Pull system. NAAR Technik had created a new generation of the system - Push Pull Eco. This system is based on use of forced air circulation in the hall which is directing polluted gases to the dust collector. The dust collector, after air purification from dusts and fumes, injects it again to the hall.
    What is the difference between Push Pull Eco dust collection and the other types? First and foremost this system is price competitive, it consists of modules which can be used both in small and very large halls. Assembly was simplified and components of the plant were standardized. Another important advantage of Push Pull Eco is an optimization of the operational costs. Push Pull Eco manufactured by NAAR Technik has the lowest possible energy consumption indicator.
  • Eductor01.09.2010 - Successful tests of eductor systems for product conveying
    Engineers from the NAAR Technik have successfully finished testing the eductor pump for conveying of paper cups. This system can replace an energy-consuming system driven by compressed air. The characteristic feature of the tested eductor is the possibility to convey “spatial” products such as: cups, boxes, packages and cans without exposing them to locking or destruction in the pipeline. The injector system in connection with a side channel blower is an ideal way for pneumatically conveying of products from point A to point B whose features or manufacturing technology does not allow passage through the blower or the application of an under- or over-pressure system.
  • Printing23.08.2010 - NAAR Technik’s offer for the printing industry
    Finally in the polish market there is a professional offer for the printing industry. The requirements of the world market for ergonomic, cost-efficient and extraordinary way of pneumatically conveying of trim wastes was the motivation for gathering the experience of NAAR Technik’s engineers and the creation of a complete offer for polish buyers. NAAR Technik’s engineers, guided by the need for reliability of the plant and the cost-effectiveness of its operation, have gathered a group of equipment that has positive opinions from the biggest manufacturing plants in the world. NAAR Technik has become the only reliable partner in the polish market in the conveying and management of the trim waste field.
  • Dust collectors14.07.2010 - New partner of NAAR Technik
    NAAR Technik is starting a commercial cooperation with one of the biggest manufacturers in the industrial dust collectors field. The connection between the rich experience of NAAR Technik’s engineers and verified equipment provides investors with the possibility of obtaining reliable and cheap plants.