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  • Overhaul, service, warranty NAAR Technik pay special attention to ensure the reliability and failure-free operation of the assembled equipment.

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Overhaul, service, warranty


Modern manufacturing technologies are often required to operate the plant without any down time for the majority of hours in a year. Therefore in NAAR Technik we pay special attention to ensure the reliability and failure-free operation of the assembled equipment.

At the time of plant commissioning, training is taking place in the investor’s plant. The training is concerned with basic maintenance and operation, with a simulation of cases which may occur during operational use. Thanks to proper on-site training, a basic hazards connected with improper operating are excluded. For an assurance of the proper operation of installed solutions, each of our realizations includes periodical inspections.


Inspections are usually performed every six months, what allows us to control the state of plant operation and prevent possible failures. After each inspection a report is prepared, where investors can find valuable hints concerning operation, the state of devices and the plant and periods of the spare parts ordering. On the basis of an inspection, NAAR Technik’s service will determine the date of the next visit, which will be written down on the service report and put in a visible place for the staff responsible for the operation of the plant.

Such operation of service repeatedly allows us: to gain the confidence of our customers, to limit plants down times to the minimum, prevent serious failures of manufacturing lines and save investor’s money and time. We know that the proper operation of our plants leads us to successive successes and therefore proper servicing is one of the key issues for NAAR Technik.

Our technical-service support is available to you for 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Support can be provided to each user of our plants and devices. Our consultants and technical advisers are available 24 hours per day irrespective of time. In a case when the arrival of a service team is necessary, our hotline employees will organize their arrival in the shortest possible time.
24 hour, 365 day service: +48 32 445 30 89, e-mail: service@naar.pl

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