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  • Industrial dust collection

  • Pneumatic conveying of trim waste and scrap materials

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Industrial ventilation

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Pneumatic conveying of trim waste & scrap


We offer complete systems for pneumatic conveying of trim waste, bands, passes, self-adhesive labels, packages and other waste materials from the paper industry, printing houses and during production of hygienic articles, packages etc.

Our offer includes complex solutions of pneumatic systems for collection of material from 3-knife trimmers, knifes, knife-edge die, dies, milling machines, hoppers, nozzles and others. Every system is based on reliable, failure-free and energy-saving devices.

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We have a wide range of products, such as: static separators, mechanical separators, end balers, cutters, shredders, convey fans, cutting fans, dust collectors, conveyors, eductors tubes (Venturi tubes) and many others, the majority of which we select and manufacture especially for the individual needs of our customers.


Each system is designed to be reliable, service-free and the cheapest at the same time being environmentally friendly.

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