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  • Industrial dust collection

  • Pneumatic conveying of trim waste and scrap materials
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Industrial ventilation

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Industrial vacuum cleaners

industrial vacuums

We offer specialized industrial vacuums in the form of mobile equipment or complete systems of central vacuums. We have equipment for each branch of industry and especially for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, food processing plants, breweries, clean rooms, power, metal, the building industry and others.

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Vacuums can be manufactured of acid-proof steel, with hygienic certificates and can be equipped in HEPA filters. We have special vacuums for the (drawing off of) explosive and combustible dusts, executed in ATEX conforming versions. We offer also vacuums for hazardous liquids, acids, caustic substances, solvents, oils, water, petrol etc. Our equipment 3 basic features important for the investor: world-famous quality, energy and media saving and low price.

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